Turning on your internal light


It’s official. I am tooooootallllly innnnnn ♥ with this book – LIGHT IS THE NEW BLACK. Take note – this is not bedtime reading. I was reading this in bed tonight and next thing I know, all the lights are back on and I’m embracing the compelling urge to blog; an hour ago I wanted to sleep and not be disturbed until morning. That’s what she’ll do to you this Campbell woman, so you’ve been warned!😉 Her book is a ‘get your butt in gear, seize life with both hands, give yourself a shake and embrace your future’ kind of read.

I feel so connected to what Rebecca shares on each and every page, with the similarities between what her ‘calling’ is in life and my own being so in synch, it’s like reading how someone else has managed to overcome the exact challenges and thoughts currently needing a sift through in my own mind. We even share the same taste in jewellery (with mention of her turquoise ring – that ring could have been any other colour!).

Reading this book is like finding someone else in the world who did ‘being me’ years ago and has kindly crafted a cheat-sheet guide to overcoming life as Amy Murray. I know that although she’s making me feel like this book was written personally for me, any other creative soul trapped in the humdrum of their nine-to-five life will be equally connected to her words of wisdom and experiencing exactly the same personal connection that I am right now. What a beautiful thing to write something that unifies people all over the world and helps them feel reconnected to a true, real version of themselves that has long been lost in the muck of mediocre living. 

This post isn’t a book review – I haven’t finished reading the whole thing yet. Rather it’s here to serve as a little reminder that there are so many great hearts/minds/creatives/lights out there across the ocean – all making their way in the world and finding their own unique ways of bringing joy, happiness and light to others. Feeling really blessed to be alive right now.


Hello creative souls! If you sometimes come up against others finding it hard to understand your amazing super awesome creativeness and you feel a bit lonely or like maybe something is wrong with you because you don’t fit the ‘norm’ (jeeez who wants to do that?!), then this article by Kevin Kaiser might help remind you how fab you are and to keep on creating. It’s written beautifully and reading this was like holding a mirror up to myself and realising that I am not alone – there are thousands – hundreds of thousands of creatives out there who are just like me. Far from being weird (incidentally, one of the best compliments anyone could receive as it indicates you’re not like the majority), your creativity is a beautiful gift. Share it and spread your light.

♥ Big love to your huge ‘ole incredible creative power! Keep on creating! ♥

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It’s not about the money – work on your dreams

What’s stopping you living your dream? Fear of failure? Fear of success? For people “who are running towards their dream, life has a special kind of meaning.”

Take two minutes out of your day to listen to this with your eyes closed. Poignant questions in this snippet from Alan Watts’ speech need your answers. How would you really enjoy spending your life? Once you have it, get to it – you have to live your dream. We don’t know how much time we’ll get to live it so today is the best day to start.

A thousand music-lovers united by a shared dream

Screen Shot 2015-08-01 at 11.48.39

I challenge anyone to watch this uplifting video without smiling. Wow! This is a seriously impressive execution of what started out as just a brilliant idea. The collective passion for a shared dream exhibited here is truly inspiring. To pull off having 1,000 people keeping in time and playing in unison, for an initial target audience of five people is remarkable. I’m pleased the Rockin’ 1000 team had a personal response from Mr Grohl and that Italy will get their Foo Fighters concert.

To find out more about the project, here’s the official Rockin’ 1000 website.

Today’s inspiration


‘Some day’ mentality seems to plague my thoughts on a daily basis so finding this little gem was a happy wake up call to shift my butt in gear and actually get out there and start DOING instead of hoping and wishing things were different.

If you’ve got something you’ve been meaning to do, ‘some day’, I’ll leave you with this thought from Hugh Laurie (found on www.facebook.com/freedomwithtanner):